Hello, my name is Gaëtan, let’s work together!!

Gaëtan Floury

I’m looking for a summer job for the period of June to August 2018, in the world of the multimedia in Paris for 2 months.

Above all I am going to present me, as I said my name is Gaëtan Floury, I am study in the EBS or European business school in the 15th in Paris

Who am I, I am a young student who loves the world of multimedia whether it is movies, music or video games, I also like archery, museum visits and discover new things, which brings me to San Francisco, in partnership INSEEC from which my school started, to discover the digital world through several courses such as coding courses that allow me to have notions of how to create a site, but also courses in marketing, state of mind with courses on the world of startups, obviously a few English courses, and finally a course that allowed me to discover new things through networking events. This allowed me to improve my knowledge but also to mature and get out of my comfort zone through this month-long trip abroad. To finish, I am curious, creative, punctual, professional and loyal.

Of course, I know how to use MS office suite and a little Photoshop. I chose two articles that show one of my passions and allow me to explain my opinion. The first talks about video games, to know if it's good for our brain. To that, I only have one thing to say: YES, they are good but do not abuse. Them like everything, if you do it too much at one time it becomes dangerous. But in the end, everything, but it brings a lot of things, such as self-development, a pleasure to do what you cannot always do, and most importantly it allows you to flourish. The second is about VR or virtual reality that is honest, these totally the future, currently we are still far away but when we get there it will change the world view and will simplify the professional and personal world on all points.

Finally, to finish, I already have a number of skills in the world of business and multimedia that I was able to acquire during the several courses that I was able to realize in the cultural space a company belonging to the group Leclerc, or I did the following tasks: customer advice, receipt and packaging of products, shelving and department maintenance, inventory management and market research. Also training and supervision of new trainees.

Thank you for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you

My Interest:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Mangas
  • Series